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Road direction to reach from Delhi to Jaipur by car:


delhi jaipur tour

The city of Jaipur also en circles a lot of other well-liked tourist destinations. Jaipur is bounded on all sides by rocky hills, crowned with forts & enclosed by beleaguered walls. Houses with latticed windows line the streets with their rose pink colour, lending attraction to the scene, which is almost supernatural at sunset. Jaipur is well-known for its beautiful jewelry, fabrics, shoes also known as mojari, specious gardens and various historical monuments. Jaipur city with its romantic charm takes you to an era of royalty and custom. You will not only visit some very well-liked monuments but you will also get to observer the best of the culture of the country.

Delhi Jaipur tour circuit is certainly one of most favored and popular North India tours among travelers belong to India as well as those coming from overseas nations and is indeed quite a sensibly priced and beneficial tour plan for an person, a family as well as a business group.